India Business Journal (IBJ), one of the prominent business magazines in the country, has made inroads into those segments of industry and economy that are integral, but often underplayed. IBJ moves away from the beaten track of unloading high volumes of cumbersome information onto weary readers. Instead it endeavours to be concise yet complete in its contents. The magazine attempts to unearth the 'ratnas' of Indian economy, brings to its readers important events and happenings both locally and globally and keeps them abreast with the ever-changing business world.

India Business Journal was launched in 2005 and today it has positioned itself as a platform for the growth-oriented thinking among the dynamic players of corporate India. It has redefined editorial competence in India with a strong readership base comprising businessmen, entreprenuers, top executives, various investment and trade promotion bodies, policy-makers, bureaucrats and a wide cross section of society across the country who subscribe to the ideology.... "The only constant is change".

India Business Journal covers a wide array of business information on the corporate sector both national and international, the public sector, the semi-organised sector, State reports, country reports, industry analysis, events and happenings, etc. The magazine provides invaluable information in order to broaden the readers' perspective and also to aid them in their decision-making process.

India Business Journal, the business publication from Mumbai, goes off the oft-beaten track to deliver a comprehensive business magazine, which is innovative, informative and refreshing.

India Business Journal is published by, Issues Analysis and Research Pvt. Ltd, a decade-old research organisation engaged in content development and consultancy business.

India Business Journal (IBJ) is not just another run-of-the mill business magazine. With incisive, in-depth and concise reports and analysis in crisp language, IBJ promises its readers full, first-hand accounts of trends and developments in the world of business and economy. Besides, it arms its readers with the right information, enabling them to be acquainted with the past, informed of the present and prepared for the future. It is read by people who run and shape significant aspects of the Indian economy.